Who should be worthy of forgiveness?


When I show up on Sunday mornings, I like to wake things up a bit. I like to send the kids off with some new spiritual tools to rev up the “normal” in their weeks. As a high school Sunday school teacher, I make sure that I am really, really prepared... podcasts, videos, new music, thought- provoking questions. Also, I am equally prepared to toss the prep work and listen to what these kids need to discuss. Last Sunday was one of those times when I threw aside my plans. The first question went Continue Reading

Here’s the rock, here’s the hard place – now what?


We don’t see it coming, we only get two choices and both choices are completely unacceptable.  What do we do? We are handed a first-thing-tomorrow deadline, for instance.  Because of expensive and once-in-a-lifetime plans for tonight, we say “no”.  Left with no other choice, the boss issues an ultimatum, “... get it on my desk by 8:00 A.M.” We can: 1) “cancel plans” 2) “leave career” Both options - unsatisfactory. And then it happens again... Facing repeated “no-way-out” endings can Continue Reading

Fasting out of cancer

Fasting - it’s trendy right now, promising everything from weight loss to a cure for cancer. Fasting hearkens back to a variety of ancient traditions and, in some, carries with it the promise of spiritual clarity and physical healing.  In numerous Biblical accounts, for example, fasting was practiced in deep times of need (Job), in times of mourning and as intercessory prayer (Nehemiah and Daniel after Jerusalem had been desolated) and in times of much needed spiritual strength (Jesus fasts Continue Reading