Storytelling and healing

By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon

I’ve been thinking about how the stories we hear and tell are a powerful way of learning and connecting.  Through our stories we connect with our past, we experience the present, and we anticipate the future.

Many sacred texts such as the Bible are a compilation of stories that were passed on orally from generation to generation.  When the written word, and the ability to read, became more common and widespread, these stories were committed to writing for the benefit of posterity.

As a Christian and a student of the Bible, I find that sincerely studying and pondering these stories enriches my life in many ways.  One of those ways is that my health is restored and maintained through understanding my relationship with God. Today, many are learning how to heal others and themselves through understanding the deeper meaning of these Bible narratives.

But that isn’t the end of the story.  Sharing with others our own healing is just as important as the stories told in the Bible.  Sharing with others continues the collective story of God’s love for His creation, and is a source of new inspiration that can be used in our own lives.

Six contemporary accounts of spiritual healing can be found through the link below.  In these videos, people talk about how Christian Science has restored their health.  Do you have a story of healing to share? Please do for us all.


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