Science, Healing, and Faith

Science, healing, and faith: Christian Science in Oregon

I was not raised in Christian Science. I found this scientific religion while in college. I was looking for something more than my mainstream Christian religion provided me. I took a spiritual journey, so to speak, learning about different faiths and pondering seriously what I read. Eventually I realized that there were particular core principles that felt true to me. I didn’t know how they fit into any other religious or philosophical system, and I didn’t know what they would mean to me in the future, but I knew that they were real to me right then.

Back at school after a summer of contemplation of what I’d learned, I was sharing my findings with a friend. In the course of this discussion, she told me that what I was describing sounded a lot like Christian Science. That incident was the beginning of my life-long study of this practical, enriching religion that meets my every need, every day.

Of particular interest to me, and a point that some not familiar with Christian Science often take exception to, was that the principles of this religion can be used to heal every conceivable human condition that is in need of correction. This includes physical healing of the body, solving financial problems, healing human relationships that have gone awry, and anything else you can think of. And I found that this isn’t wishful thinking. It’s the result of a spiritual law that’s always operative no matter what the conventional viewpoint might be to the contrary. Regardless of how skeptical the critics of Christian Science–or religion in general–may be about this, I’ve seen it proved true in my own life. I’ve witnessed it in raising my children. And it continues to be true today.

I am the media and legislative liaison for my church in Oregon. My job is to talk with anyone in the media and government law making who will meet with me to ensure that the misconceptions, misrepresentations, and outright lies about Christian Science are corrected with what I know to be true. I retired from a 30 year career in law enforcement. I don’t have to work anymore, but I want to continue to serve by lifting the burden of these inaccuracies about Christian Science off the shoulders of my fellow Oregonians. We are an independent lot by nature, and we want to be told the truth. That is my job. And I am willing to do it because of what Christian Science has done for me and my family.

Now here’s the deal. Christian Science is based on the teachings, and works, of Christ Jesus. It applies the spiritual laws that underlie all of his healings and teachings, and which produced consistent results. This is the Science of Christianity, a Christianity that applies what Jesus taught us for the benefit of humanity today. What could be more Christian than that? Nothing, in my mind. What really intrigues me about the application of these laws is that they are available to anyone. That’s right, anyone: any Christian, non-Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, anyone. They don’t belong to the Christian Science church. They can be applied by anyone with an honest and sincere heart.

I raised two sons using Christian Science for their every need. That includes applying it to heal physical conditions of all kinds. I never had to take them to the doctor or to the hospital because their issues were healed quickly and successfully through prayer. But, if I’d thought for an instant that my child would die or be permanently damaged because I didn’t seek medical care, I would have done so in a heart beat, plain and simple.

This is my blog. I will be here talking about the truth of Christian Science, and setting the record straight where there are inaccuracies and misconceptions. I hope that you’ll join me in the discourse so that we can all learn and grow in our pursuit of the truth. And while we’re at it, you might enjoy this short video about Christian Science healing.


  1. Steve says


    Thank you for pointing out so clearly that the spiritual laws underlying Jesus healings and teachings are available to all, whether one is Christian, non-Christian, Hindu, Jew, anyone. I was also reminded that in Jesus day, his teaching and example, motivated as they were out of a divine Love, cast a very broad net and were offered wherever anyone might be open to them.

  2. Michele H. says

    Thanks, John. My spiritual journey came from a background of Protestantism. When I met my boyfriend I really didn’t know what Christian Science was. When I told my pastor about it he told me to come talk to him because it “wasn’t Christian”! Well, I knew better because my boyfriend lived his Christianity better than most people I knew…. and I didn’t go back to a church that judged individuals by misconceptions. I watched my boyfriend be healed of illnesses that I went to the doctor for; then I had a condition for which medical care wasn’t offering a solution, and I turned to a Christian Science practitioner (a person who dedicates their life to Christian Science healing and ministry to others), and I had my healing. It wasn’t long before I had a healing through my own scientific prayer (as taught in Christian Science) of a condition my doctor said I’d have to learn to live with. Thus began my journey along the path of Christian Science, and I haven’t relied on medical care since. And I married that friend, nearly 40 nears ago–it’s been a happy and healthy journey.

  3. Cheryl W says

    Great beginning. This is very inspiring to have someone just talk about it weekly. Like a Wednesday evening service. I love hearing other people’s points of view. Thanks John, you are doing a great job. Hope to see you Sunday.

  4. Pril says

    thank you John, your blog holds great promise for discussions that we need to have with others. I am grateful for this addition to the dialogue here in Oregon. In fact, it enables us in Oregon to talk with others anywhere in the world about the ideas that make us happy and whole.

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