Young people healing through prayer? Yep!

by John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon

There are those  times in our lives when we meet remarkable people.  The last two years have been one of those times for me.  You see, I get to meet with Christian Science college students at the University of Oregon every week.  They’re incredible.  Their insights and understanding of the principles underlying the practice of Christian Science are unparalleled.  Two of them, Lauren and Denise, recently took the time to talk with me about what Christian Science means to them, and how they use it in their life.  I know you will enjoy watching this video discussion as much as I did making it.

disclaimer:  This was a low budget taping session. One stand alone iPhone for the video and audio, and two everyday lamps for lighting.  But the message comes through loud and clear.


  1. sammonss says

    Thanks Denise and Lauren for taking the time to share your love for and practical use of Christian Science. Your desire to heal your personal, as well as world problems is example for all Christian Scientists and for all people. Thank you for being a role model and for your articulate description of what Christian Science is for you and what it is for the world – your explanations covered a lot of ground in an understandable way.

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