How Watches and Altruism are a Tour de Force

John Harrison,  Greenwich, London, England; 1759 

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Looking at a problem in new ways can be the source of real scientific breakthroughs. Dr. Donald Berwick, M.D., illustrated this point using a remarkable innovation from the 18th century. Berwick is President Emeritus and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). He sees that the development of a revolutionary navigational tool in the shipping industry has lessons for improving healthcare today.  In 1714 the British government offered a large monetary prize to anyone Continue Reading

Are You Married? It Can Help Your Heart!

Marriage may help your heart be healthy! 

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The marriage covenant is one of the most significant relationships we can enter into with someone else. We anticipate good things when we couple up in this way. I also see the marriage pact as an expression of my relationship to a supreme Being. If I can love God unconditionally despite the attraction of materialism, then I develop a state of mind that naturally loves and reveres my wife as well. As an Old Testament author puts it: The one marrying you is the one who made you—the Lord of Continue Reading

Teeny Steps Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle

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Ridiculously small steps. That's all it takes to make big changes. So reports syndicated columnist, Keith Wommack on his blog. Wasted time and effort is a problem I suspect we all could work on. Especially when we get into these cycles of resolution to make changes in our lives that we want to achieve now, but eventually give up because the final goal feels too far away. I’m encouraged that someone has thought this through carefully, and suggests that there’s a way to achieve those big Continue Reading

Are We Free to Choose Health?

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“Every moment of life … is more or less of a turning-point.  Opportunities are swarming around us all the time, thicker than gnats at sundown.”1.  So wrote nineteenth century American educator and clergyman Henry Van Dyke. How to know which way to turn?  And, are we really free to choose any opportunity? Neuroscientist Sam Harris is convinced “No”; that we are the product of our genes, preprogrammed brains, and life experiences.  Harris believes we have no choice but to follow the path Continue Reading

Heartless? Have A Heart, Take It To heart!


 Ah, the heart. Though considered the engine that runs the body, it’s metaphorically the very center of a man’s concept of himself. It’s as if that’s where soul, intelligence, courage, emotion, and intention are found. It’s the “place” from which we love. In the Bible and other religious texts, the heart expresses mental and spiritual attributes. Jesus said that an untainted heart leads to God. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” (Matt 5:8) The heart is more than just a Continue Reading

Beyond Genetics for Health

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“Life is so uncertain.” This phrase from a song playing softly on the car radio interrupted my thought while I was driving early one morning. Thinking about this for a few minutes I wondered, “is it?” I could see where some might feel a lack of certainty in their life, Things happen – to jobs, relationships and health - and we don’t know why. So we assign them to chance. Some resist this feeling by falling into habits that create some perception of predictability, like regular schedules and Continue Reading

Wholly Healthy, A New View 

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There is a rhythm that comes with each new beginning when we are niggled to challenge old patterns of thinking and behavior. We are encouraged to rummage through the baggage of thoughts and actions that have weighed us down and kept us from realizing all for which we hope.  We often make hopeful resolve to do better. But a new beginning doesn’t have to be a specific changed action. It can just be a new understanding - a new way of looking at an issue. And sometimes this leads to a new Continue Reading

Can modern medicine evolve beyond materialism?

Modern medicine and materialism may not have all the answers.

By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon In an age of pervasive materialism it seems hard to imagine any other perspective on reality. We’re constantly bombarded with an assumption that the sum total of reality and our personal existence is material. This view is so pervasive that “It also illustrates the stifling nature of a stubborn dogma that can blind thinkers and shutter what should be the open-minded nature of true science and scholarship.” So writes Continue Reading

Can We Define Quality Health Care?

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How do you measure quality? Even though good or high quality is important, how each one of us measures “it” can be quite different. Having some measure of quality is important because it can be the basis on which we evaluate many things. Often it might be why we choose one thing over another, or why we make a particular recommendation. And, having commonly agreed upon standards of quality provides a vehicle for groups of all kinds to make collective decisions. Quality in health care is Continue Reading

Love and Meaning, a Key to Health?

Knowing your life purpose and embracing love are key to a long and healthy life.   ©Cynthia Clague

A concentration camp might be an unusual place to realize your life purpose. Survival would probably be your primary concern. Yet, Viktor Franklsurvived his ordeal in the 1940s by finding a sense of purpose where he was. Simply to be able to choose his own attitude and to love became his reason for living. Interestingly, Frankl survived when many of his fellow prisoners did not. He found that those in the camp who lost a sense of meaning and purpose simply gave up, and soon succumbed to Continue Reading