A Softer Side of Health Care

Dr. Pamela Wible
Photo used with permission

Not long ago I had an email exchange with Dr. Pamela Wible, a physician in Eugene, about the recent documentary Escape Fire. The movie examines the problems with health care in the United States, and possible solutions. Unhappy with the “conveyor belt” system of medicine that she had found herself in since medical school, “pushing pills into patients as they flew past me,” Dr. Wible got off the racetrack and stopped to consider what kind of health care system she wanted to work in. The Continue Reading

Essentials for better physical & financial health

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How does an insurance company keep a positive bottom line and still provide real customer service? That’s an important question. I suppose It’s a delicate balance, deciding what benefits to provide at what cost, and still be competitive in the market. After all, everyone needs to make ends meet. Here’s an interesting piece showing how one managed care plan found that including spiritual care actually benefitted them financially. My colleague in Texas recently talked with its chief medical Continue Reading

Health Insurance–Everyone pays but is Everyone covered?


I heard someone recently talking about an acupuncture treatment that had helped him. He joked, “It may have been a jab well done, but I sure wish it was covered by my insurance!” All over the country, the question of health insurance is being pondered by governments, uninsured individuals, and employers, as they try to sort out what the new laws will require of them. And the insurance companies are looking at what coverage they can provide and at what cost. The US spends more per patient on Continue Reading