What the Brain Isn’t – Mind or Love

The brain is not mind or love 
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Dr. Dan Siegel, as a brain researcher, is astounded that neither scientists, including psychiatrists, nor philosophers or academicians have come up with a good working definition of mind, nor can they describe what thinking is. Neurobiologist Dan Siegel recently visited Portland to speak at a conference on integrative medicine. He opened his talk with the question: “What is mind?” He asks this question of all his audiences. Over his years of speaking to perhaps 100,000 science professionals Continue Reading

Compassion to What End?

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by John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon I’ve noticed an increase in the number of people on street corners asking for money the last several years. I have to admit that sometimes cynicism nags at me in response to the plea scribbled on a piece of cardboard in their hand. “Anything will help. God bless” Other times I just feel bad for the person holding the sign.  On rare occasions I actually give them some money.   I can’t explain why some people struck a chord Continue Reading