Where Will Mapping the Brain Lead Us?


“Investing in “the best ideas.” That’s what President Obama wants to do. And he plans to do it by funding the mapping of the human brain. Scientists envision this as a “concerted effort to advance the knowledge of the brain’s billions of neurons and gain greater insights into perception, actions and, ultimately, consciousness.” Understanding where perception, actions, and consciousness comes from or resides is an intriguing idea, but I’m wondering if the search will ever provide the Continue Reading

The future of innovation


By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon. “The End of the Future.” Really now. That’s the title, and argument, of Peter Thiel’s recent article in National Review.  His basic premise is this.  The pace of scientific discovery and innovation in the last twenty to thirty years is not keeping pace with what’s been accomplished previously.  The dominant consequence in Thiel’s article is a slowdown in economic growth.  The only sectors where innovation appears to be Continue Reading

Did God Create the Universe?

Stephen Hawking

This is an intriguing blog post written by my colleague in Ohio, Steve Salt.  His discussion of an upcoming new television science series called "Curiosity", and the first program on the creation of the universe, will inevitably leave you thinking about the implications of this age old question...how did the universe begin? John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon By Steve Salt, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Ohio Abracadabra!  That’s how it all Continue Reading