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How does an insurance company keep a positive bottom line and still provide real customer service? That’s an important question. I suppose It’s a delicate balance, deciding what benefits to provide at what cost, and still be competitive in the market. After all, everyone needs to make ends meet. Here’s an interesting piece showing how one managed care plan found that including spiritual care actually benefitted them financially. My colleague in Texas recently talked with its chief medical Continue Reading

Eating or Starving – a Lifetime of Health?


By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon Can you imagine eating enough Big Macs, milkshakes, french fries, ice cream, and M&Ms to equal 15,000 calories in an hour and a half ?! That’s five times what the normal American male would eat. Ron Saxen, author of “The Good Eater” more than imagined it. He’s one of an estimated eight million Americans who suffer from binge eating. Along with other recognized eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia Continue Reading

Medical marijuana – isn’t there a better way?


“Medical pot clinic manager gets prison term” This headline in an Oregon newspaper isn't particularly remarkable. Everyday the news carries stories of crime and punishment. Here the defendant illegally provided marijuana to people. If we peel back the layers of this headline we begin to see a different issue than what's on the surface. It really isn't just about crime and punishment. It's about humanity's yearning to relieve pain and suffering. Sixteen states and D.C. have legalized the use Continue Reading

Senior Moments


My colleague, Bob Clark from Florida, has written a thoughtful blog challenging the notion that with maturity comes debilitation. He shares a healing of Alzheimer’s disease achieved through spiritual means alone. Whether or not you are a "senior", this is a blog worth reading. John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon. By Bob Clark, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Florida I live in an area with a lot of wonderful older people, “seniors” as they’re Continue Reading

Prayer That Heals – A Reason for Blogging


Today I have the pleasure of sharing this post from the blog of Shannon Horst, Christian Science Committee on Publication for New Mexico.  Her story is a clear and compelling example of why people, such as Shannon and I, choose Christian Science as their health care system.  It works!  John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon. For readers who follow this blog, you know that I generally post an original piece on Monday every week. Well, yesterday, I had every Continue Reading

Storytelling and healing


By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon I’ve been thinking about how the stories we hear and tell are a powerful way of learning and connecting.  Through our stories we connect with our past, we experience the present, and we anticipate the future. Many sacred texts such as the Bible are a compilation of stories that were passed on orally from generation to generation.  When the written word, and the ability to read, became more common and widespread, these Continue Reading

Can the Thoughts of Those Around Us Influence Our Health?

This is a question that we all need to seriously consider.  If it's true, what can we do about it?  What responsibility do we have for the health of those around us?  Are we contributing to their well-being, or are we having a negative effect on them.  All important questions to reflect upon. In his blog post, my friend and colleague Bill Scott, Christian Science Committee on Publication for the state of Washington, discusses these issues.  You will find it by clicking the link below.  John D. Continue Reading

Placebos are not the endgame.


By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon The Institute of Medicine released a report in June describing the prevalence of chronic pain in America. They report that it “affects at least 116 million American adults—more than the total affected by heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined. Pain also costs the nation up to $635 billion each year in medical treatment and lost productivity.” These astounding numbers are so large that finding a solution for this Continue Reading

Insurance Exchange Should Include Spiritual Care Services


Last Tuesday, July 19th, The Lund Report published a guest opinion piece that I wrote.  It discusses why the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange Corporation should evaluate whether or not companies selling products within the exchange should cover spiritual health care services.  You can read the  piece on The Lund Report website, or read it below.   John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon. A recent study indicates that 49 percent of Americans have used prayer to deal Continue Reading