Are green spaces healing spaces?

Studies say a hike improves mental health. This is especially true if it helps one get a higher, more spiritual perspective on life. This can even mean challenging physical assumptions and experiencing not only mental uplift but physical freedom and healing.

I relish the day when my friend calls and says “we need to go for a walk.”  Her call is “code” for “let’s go hiking, so we can get spiritually above all this stuff that’s going on right now.”  Even though we climb low hills and rarely log more than six miles, our conversation climbs up out of our everyday challenges and we encourage each other to look at things from a higher, more spiritual, perspective.    Currently there are numerous studies expounding the health benefits of spending more Continue Reading

Retiring into our spiritual purpose, ending Alzheimer’s

"It is getting so inspired and spiritually invested, that we see past age limitations, we see beyond the boundaries of our peer defined lifestyle, and we thrive because we are genuinely striving to fulfill our divine purpose."

Summer brings with it reunions, and this year I was amazed to learn that one of our aunts now shares her home with three additional generations!  She has great grandchildren living under her roof.  And as the statistics and studies for this blog started to accumulate on my desk, I realized that her life actually evidences some of the trends I had been flagging as hopeful--the ones that say dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s, is on its way out. Dutch researchers, for example, have found that the Continue Reading