Holding Crime in Check


by John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon It’s never easy to see tragedies that undo lives and families and communities. In my 30 years of law enforcement I encountered  plenty of this sort of thing.  Our hearts go out to the community of Newtown, Connecticut, and to all parents and teachers across the country.  And yet, as we enter the season of good will and peace on earth, we are challenged to find a way to address the unexplainable. Without some view of the Continue Reading

Health, More Than a Two-step?


By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon As a father, I remember many times assembling toys for my children. Some of them were complicated and required carefully following the provided instructions. My mechanical intuition just wasn’t adequate. In the end, when I patiently followed the steps for putting these toys together, I was happy and my kids were happy. There are other areas in life, too, where following some steps brings about good results. Sven Continue Reading

Does the health care system know best?

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Americans are an independent lot. It’s rooted in the very fabric of this country. We are accustomed to having a choice and making our own decisions. That’s what we expect in our homegrown version of democracy. We can choose virtually any product or service we want. Any size, shape, color, or model. Except when it comes to our health care. It seems to me from much of what I’ve read that the patient-doctor relationship is mostly unbalanced. The doctor tells the patient what’s wrong, and what Continue Reading

Eating or Starving – a Lifetime of Health?


By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon Can you imagine eating enough Big Macs, milkshakes, french fries, ice cream, and M&Ms to equal 15,000 calories in an hour and a half ?! That’s five times what the normal American male would eat. Ron Saxen, author of “The Good Eater” more than imagined it. He’s one of an estimated eight million Americans who suffer from binge eating. Along with other recognized eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia Continue Reading

One path to health care, or another choice?


By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon I’m curious about what’s missing in Oregon’s media on health and health care. You see plenty on health care reform, lots on the latest trends in conventional medical research, and much discussion about society’s hopes for a cure to our most obstinate health challenges. What you don’t see reported much is the public’s increasing pursuit of alternative and integrative health practices. People are concerned about their Continue Reading

It’s all about relationships

BEB152 John, Josh, Nathaniel and Cindy Clague, Redmond, Fall, 1989

By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon That’s the “elevator” training I often gave to my staff when I was a manager.  It’s a foundational principle they needed to understand because relationships bring results.  If they didn’t understand and apply this principle they weren’t going to be successful. Building relationships isn’t horse trading or politics. It’s establishing a rapport that engenders understanding, trust, compassion, and a conviction that you Continue Reading

The promise of hope fulfilled


What I know of Christmas today is certainly different than what I knew as a child. I was really caught up in the magic of the holiday: the Christmas tree, decorations, presents, special treats, and being out of school for two whole weeks. It was a magical time of year. As a child I was clueless about the sometimes unfortunate backstory of the magic. Stress, lack of money to buy gifts (or even to eat), being alone when you're supposed to be with family and friends, broken relationships, Continue Reading

Doing good for the benefit of who?


By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon I'm sure there are many examples of people selflessly helping others. What comes to mind for you? Perhaps someone who is well known, like Mother Teresa. Or perhaps there is someone you personally know who is a selfless giver, not expecting anything in return. I think immediately of incidents like: Hundreds of boat owners and ferry pilots converging on the Manhattan shoreline to evacuate stranded New Yorkers after the Continue Reading

Medical marijuana – isn’t there a better way?


“Medical pot clinic manager gets prison term” This headline in an Oregon newspaper isn't particularly remarkable. Everyday the news carries stories of crime and punishment. Here the defendant illegally provided marijuana to people. If we peel back the layers of this headline we begin to see a different issue than what's on the surface. It really isn't just about crime and punishment. It's about humanity's yearning to relieve pain and suffering. Sixteen states and D.C. have legalized the use Continue Reading

Senior Moments


My colleague, Bob Clark from Florida, has written a thoughtful blog challenging the notion that with maturity comes debilitation. He shares a healing of Alzheimer’s disease achieved through spiritual means alone. Whether or not you are a "senior", this is a blog worth reading. John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon. By Bob Clark, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Florida I live in an area with a lot of wonderful older people, “seniors” as they’re Continue Reading