Freaked out about your health?


by John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon Health anxiety. Boy, that’s a big issue. It’s a condition I’ve seen in many people over the years. Parents worrying about each symptom experienced by their child. Adults obsessed with every the latest malady reported in the news. Have you ever paid attention to the conversations around you at work? A day doesn’t go by without someone talking about his latest health issue, what his doctor says about it, her concerns Continue Reading

Young people healing through prayer? Yep!

by John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon There are those  times in our lives when we meet remarkable people.  The last two years have been one of those times for me.  You see, I get to meet with Christian Science college students at the University of Oregon every week.  They're incredible.  Their insights and understanding of the principles underlying the practice of Christian Science are unparalleled.  Two of them, Lauren and Denise, recently took the time to Continue Reading

Sin’s impact on Health


So just how does "sin" affect our health?  And just what is sin?  My colleague and friend, Keith Wommack, from the great state of Texas, has an interesting discussion on this topic. John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon. By Keith Wommack, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Texas There is a lot of suffering these days, it seems. If I wanted to shoot hoops today, but the only sneakers I could find were a pair of size 8½ red high-tops, I’d be Continue Reading

Nursing that doesn’t fill a void


What impact will health care reform in the United States have on the health care delivery system in Oregon? I’ve been watching this pretty closely. One trend, even before the current reform began, is the shortage of care givers. Now, with reform, there is increased access to care making the shortage worse. Availability of good health care is a concern to patients, policy makers, and legislators alike. In a recent article, Joe Rojas-Burke of The Oregonian points out that one way to meet this Continue Reading

Spirituality and Health: Inseparable

John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon This post is by my friend and colleague, Keith Wommack, Committee on Publication for the great state of Texas.  I love this post because it introduces us to a truly enlightened individual in the medical field.  Thank you Keith for sharing your conversation with Dr. John K. Graham! By Keith Wommack, Chrisitan Science Committee on Publication for Texas. Last week, when our meeting first began, I had the feeling I was in the Continue Reading

National Day of prayer, or “every day is a prayer”?


By John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon Since today is the National Day of Prayer I thought it fitting to reflect on how prayer works in my life. As a child I behaved like most kids. I cried when I was sad. I ran away from anything that frightened me. If I was happy I would laugh or get excited and do all kinds of crazy kid things. All of this was pretty normal, given how I grew up. When I reached young adulthood my responses became less impulsive. I was more Continue Reading

Where can I buy some health care?


by John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon As much as I consider myself willing to consider different ideas, I have to admit there’s one that really rankles me.  It’s no longer new or on the fringe but has become part of the everyday vernacular in American discourse on health care.  It’s a concept that seems to be embraced by the political left and the right.  The public at large seems to have fallen into the mindset that it’s acceptable too.  I believe we need to Continue Reading

Believe it or not, spirituality and prayer are a source of healing


by John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon It’s interesting how some ideas come to us naturally.  And other ideas are just plain hard to wrap our thought around.  Our biases usually are the culprit in preventing us from seeing beyond our own point of view. There seems to be a tendency today to view medical science and spirituality as two distinct worlds that don’t intersect. Yet there are those glimmers of light where people are beginning to make the connection Continue Reading

Achieving health may require a diet of humble pie

Today I want to share a post by my colleague Steve Salt, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Ohio.  I like the idea he brings out about the necessity of humility in healing.  In my study of Christian Science I learned this long ago.  Others outside the Christian Science community are now seeing this essential element as well. John D. Clague, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Oregon Skill, knowledge, and experience are a must for any successful health care provider. Continue Reading

Can the death of Confederate General ‘Stonewall’ Jackson shed light on the mental nature of health?

My friend and colleague, Bill Scott, Committee on Publication for  Washington, put this post up on his blog a couple of days ago.  It is an excellent discussion.  It would be well worth your time to read this.   John D. Clague, Committee on Publication for Oregon. Posted on April 13, 2011 by Bill Scott,  Lieutenant-General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Do the expectations and thoughts of the people around a patient influence the patient’s recovery from illness or injury? Marking today’s 150th Continue Reading